Designed Space looks at more than just space in which you live; We look at the way
you live to help you to create beautiful and functional rooms in your home.

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Designed Space was conceived from the motivation and desire to bring the value and appreciation
that good design offers to every residential and commercial space – across all surfaces, furnishings,
fixtures and features in every space we use.
With a design vision driven by an inherent desire to integrate existing and new to bring a unique
contrast to spaces, and fueled by colour palettes, along with ensuring every project is a close
collaboration with clients (and trades where necessary), Design Space has successfully transitioned
existing spaces into beautiful, functional environments – in both interior and exterior settings.
Since its inception in 2008, Designed Space has successfully completed design projects with a client-
focused collaborative approach, that includes complete transparency to the selection and
engagement of all required trades to complete the required works.
This approach, along with uniquely personal design solutions, are just some of the many reasons
why we are a successful and sought-after interior design practice, with satisfied residential and
commercial clients right across Melbourne.
By combining a passion for great design, art and architecture, a reputation for creating beautiful yet
fully functional spaces, in both residential and commercial settings, has quickly followed.

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Collaboration and transparency are the keystone to building a working relationship that can deliver those unexpected outcomes that make the entire process delightfully worthwhile.


I know some amazing artisans, trades people and suppliers. Together, with
you, we can design your space, source unique elements, and bring joy and
meaningfulness to all your spaces, in a way that will make your heart sing.

With over 2 decades of experience turning houses into homes & apartments into lifestyles.


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My name is Renee Woolridge. My work is largely based around energy and emotion. As a result, every design project is a synergy of function and form, skillfully combined with heart and head.
Before I commence a project, I’ll want to know how you use your space currently and how you want your space to feel and function once it’s transformed. My objective is to ensure the vibe you’re seeking to create can be achieved – ideally through successfully mixing old with new to create unexpected contrasts and perspectives that will endure the test of time.
My clients tell me I possess a range of traits well beyond that of design, from psychic to psychologist, which enable me to skillfully turn the chaos of indecision into action plans, schedules, and outcomes. And, as I’m forever the enthusiastic collaborator, I’m always aiming to approach every design from a sustainable angle.
As a solutions-based designer, I’d rather re-purpose and re-use existing items of yours or that we source, rather than simply selling you something new. I understand ‘sentimental’ and I also believe ‘practical’ never dates.

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My Story

Originally Melbourne based, I recently chose to re-locate to Castlemaine to enjoy the ‘work-life
balance’ that living a vibrant regional area, yet still only 90 minutes from Melbourne, offers. The
location also offers me the opportunity to work with local clients that have different design
challenges to those clients I have in Melbourne.
I have over two decades of experience in designing and facilitating the transformation of clients’
houses and apartments into homes that uniquely reflect their style, and functionally fulfil their
lifestyle needs.
I initially completed my formal training at RMIT and further developed my knowledge and skills with
stints in high end furniture showroom retail, both in Australian and abroad and further enhanced my
technical skills by obtaining a furniture manufacturing and construction certification, also at RMIT.
As a result, I have the knowledge and skills to not only design but to also build; as well as great
strengths in problem solving through the development of practical solutions. This has all proven to

be particularly helpful when collaborating with those crafting furniture, fixtures and fittings, as well
as when working with trades on-site.
Being ’40 something’, I feel well positioned to connect with, and fully appreciate, the lifestyle needs
of a wide range of clients across a wide generational spectrum – from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Renee Woolridge, Interior Designer

Victoria, Australia