Designed Space looks at more than just space in which you live; they look at the way
you live to help you to create beautiful and functional rooms in your home.

Our interior design services cover mini-makeovers through to full decoration and design. We design residential, commercial and industrial spaces and are fluent in the language of design trends and styles, from traditional to classic contemporary.
Working with Designed Space: The design process
The process of interior design can come with a mix of emotions. You want to the result to be a beautiful extension of your lifestyle, but the number of decisions involved in making that happen can be overwhelming.
We can make your design happen, giving you exclusive access to designer only and custom designed pieces and managing their installation until every detail is just right.
Designed Space makes the design process easy.
The first step is getting to know how you use the space that we’re talking about. Whether it’s your office or your home, we spend time to understand how each room fits into your day.
Do you look for relaxation when you get home? Or do you want to be energised? Do you need meeting rooms that encourage creative thinking? Or impress your clients?
Your design will not only incorporate your taste and style, it will fit your life. Your customised design scheme will show you the end result before we begin with lots of with images, plans, and samples. You can ask questions, make changes and together we can explore alternatives.
The result is a design that is practical and stylish and exactly the look you’re after. Designed Space will transform your office or home into a space you love to be in

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start to ensure I get the best value from an Interior Designer?

Get advice as soon as possible to ensure maximum results with minimum alterations. The planning stage of your home is crucial. Equally as important is the decorating stage. Visualising and monitoring these processes to bring them together is what an Interior Designer does best. Designed Space can help you with as little or as much as you like. In saying all of that, it’s never too late to engage an Interior Designer.

What if I don’t know what I want when I start?

Interior Designers can help if you want a specific ‘look’ but feel unsure of how to go about achieving it.

What types of environments does Designed Space cater for?

Designed Space specialise in the design & decoration of prestige Multi Storey Mansions, houses, apartments, office fit-outs right through to restaurants and cafes, working in collaboration with the owner, architect and builder.

How can I make sure I get the best solution for my needs?

After consultation with the Interior Designer your creative design ideas should be streamlined into the design process… Allowing you to enjoy the creative process along the way.

Interior designers can help if you don’t have enough time to design. This allows you to move through each phase of the project with confidence and minimum fuss. Designed Space will present design solutions that are innovative and unique fusing your creative ideas with functional solutions.

Why work with an Interior Designer and an Architect?

Sometimes, interior designers bring a wealth of considerations that will help you make the most of an architect’s time. You may end up saving more money on well considered options greater than the fees charged for the consulting services and ending up with space above your present expectations if you decide to pay for an interior designer.

Many interior designers can do a great deal of what architects can do except for designing structural changes. Interiors & Exterior design, decoration, space planning, and the materials used in an interior other than just the ones that are part of the building itself. Interior designers are mindful when laying spaces out so that they function well on a day-to-day basis, so that there are places to put all the furniture and still have clear pathways through the room, functional kitchens, closet space, and allowing for feature wall space to hang your art, place furniture etc.

If I’m currently building renovating when is the best time to engage an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer can help redesign the entire layout of a home working from the beginning with the architect from the first stages to ensure that both the interior and the design of the property work in harmony with its end use. They can also help define the project clearly, identify any potential issues early on and resolve them. It is much easier to shuffle the kitchen design when it’s still on paper as is moving a window from an impractical position avoiding costly mistakes.

What benefit is there in using an Interior Designer?

Interior Designers are always watching out for the latest trends and know where to source all the best products.
Interior Designers. Designed Space has strong relationships with quality suppliers that supply exclusive ‘industry only’ products at wholesale & trade prices. Designed space share the benefits to you, significantly cutting your costs and keeping the project to budget.

Designed Space demystifies the myth that Interior Designers are expensive and asks how we can make this collaboration a ‘win-win’ situation.

How do I know I’m dealing with a qualified Interior Designer?

An interior designer usually has some form of post-secondary education. This may include a diploma, an advanced diploma or a degree in interior design.

What styles of design does Designed Space specialise in?

Designed Space doesn’t specialise is any specific style of design or decorating and have experience in all different styles. Designed space tailor designs to your specific purpose and look great. Helping you create the space you want to live work & relax in.

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